Bird Control & Pigeon Proofing Midrand

One of the most damaging and irritating forms of pest is by far birds. Bird have a habit of being very messy and their faeces can build up over periods of time causing bad smells and even the spread of disease. Effective Bird Proofing in Midrand is the best way to cure this issue and also apply preventative measures to avoid the problem persisting or happening again in the future.

bird control midrand

As part of our dedication to bird prevention, our company of pest experts are fully experienced in the art of deploying Bird preventative methods to your home or place of business. Using bird spikes, custom wire mesh caging, nets or different sized netting to cover the effected areas will stop Birds in their tracks from nesting, causing a mess and causing an off putting smell.  Our methods used for Bird Control Midrand are safe and will not physically harm the Birds in question but will instead remove them naturally and force them to find new resting points and nest away from your property.

Typically, we see birds nesting in between buildings, on rooftops and where there is a small gap that the birds can use that is unobstructed or not in constant use.  We control and provide Bird Proofing for the issue by placing our nets over gaps, blocking in-between outside walls, sealing roof chimneys and blocking other sources that the birds may be able to nest in.  We will locate your current issue as well as perform an analysis of areas that might pose future problems. Contact us today for all your bird control, bird prevention, bird proofing and bird pest issues in the Midrand area on 087 550 3147.

bird proofing midrand