Safe Removal of Hornets & Bee Control in Midrand

If bees or hornets have affected you, you are only one step away from having the problem dealt with effectively, safely and without harming the bees, wasps or hornets in question. Our bee control in Midrand is performed by a professional pest company and using all the protective equipment, we can safely remove hives and swarms of bees safely and also deal with Hornets nests in Midrand.

bee control midrand

Removing a beehive, hornets nest or attempting to deal with a bee problem yourself is never recommended, as African bees can get very angry when disturbed. Instead, it should be undertaken by a professional who is trained in the safe and effective removal of bees in Midrand. We take care not to harm the bees and instead use a safe fumigant that simply moves them away from the effected area. We then remove the hive so they don’t return and the area is then safe from any further issues.

If you have issues with Hornets, call a professional immediately! Hornets have a much stronger sting than a bee and can cause serious injury. If you discover a hornets nest, call us on 087 550 3147 so we can use special fumigants to safely disperse the hornets allowing safe removal of the nest so that they don’t return.

Bee removal midrand