How to Curb Home Invasion by Rodents

Rodents are known to wreak havoc wherever they invade. They are every home owner’s nightmare. As soon as they set camp in your place, property destruction begins almost immediately. This will go on until you figure out a way to stop them. The first step to achieving this fete is through understanding these rodents’ activities. Figure out what makes them come to your home, how to get rid of them and prevent them from ever coming back.

The rodent infestation percentage is usually higher in some rooms than others. The difference is brought about by factors such as availability of food, hiding spaces, dirt, among others. Places with ample breeding environment tend to have a high infestation rate. The kitchen leads with 50% because obviously there is food for the rodents to feed on and numerous places they can hide. We have the living room at 25% and the garage at 24%. The living room is a perfect case of hiding in plain sight. In this case, the rodents survive on food droplets, and there are more than enough places for them to hide and breed.

A good number of garages are always neglected. As a result, rodents will take advantage and invade the place. With minimal disturbance, the rodents will reproduce and destroy anything they can lay their teeth on. Before you know it, there will be a garage full of rodents which will start moving to other parts of the house. The bedroom and bathroom take the last spots with percentages of 22% and 11% respectively.

take control of pests in your home

Taking Back Control of your Home from Rodents

Taking back control of your home from these creatures requires a good and elaborate plan. Most of it would involve destroying breeding grounds, denying them food and finally using traps, poisoned bait, and pest-destroying animals like cats among other methods. Every single room in your house should be kept clean, well ventilated and with enough light. With nothing to feed on and nowhere to hide, the rodents will end up leaving your home eventually. Most of these strategies are taught freely by organizations as long as you are a member.

The government, on the other hand, has also taken measures to educate the public on pest control methods and its benefits. Programmes have been implemented to rid the country of rodents completely.


Extermination of rodents comes with many benefits to the country and its people. It is a known fact that rodents are a health risk to human beings. They are responsible for 60 different diseases some of which include the Lassa fever, rat-Bite, Plague, and Hantavirus. The damage to property is unlike any other animal. All these will be avoided when the rodents are eliminated. This would eventually lead to less stress and save you from replacing damaged goods now and then. Not forgetting the high cost of seeking treatment for the ailments above.

For those with little or no time to do things on their own, a good, reliable and experienced pest control company will save you the trouble. You can call them on 087550 3147 and get a free quote.

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